Producer of (not only) pharmaceutical intermediates


Manufacturing facility

We have an intermediate-sized production equipment (glass apparatus with a volume up to 200 l) available for reactions, distillations and filtrations with heating / cooling accessories.

  • Our equipment and facility is partly explosion proof.

60 m2 of clean manufacturing space are available, also adapted for manufacturing with a risk of explosion.

  • We have a filter dryer with a volume of 330 l.

Research laboratories

Research laboratories are equipped with all the equipment necessary for organic synthesis (thermostats, cryostats, vacuum dryer, rotavaps, preparative chromatography etc.)

Quality control

Our quality control laboratory provides material / product analysis and method development and validation. HPLC, GC and other common analytical equipment (for melting point, pH and other measurement) are available. More specific analysis (NMR, IR) can be provided externally.


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