Producer of (not only) pharmaceutical intermediates

Research and development

Our strategy is to bring new ideas and solutions to projects. During research and development, we are able to optimize methods of synthesis and technology to be eventually able to quickly implement the designed manufacture.

In research and development, we are able to prepare small amounts of compounds which are not commercially available or interestingly priced. These are usually syntheses under uncommon conditions, with dangerous substances or multi-step complicated syntheses involving chiral centres. Examples:

  • Benzyl-N-vinyl carbamate CAS:84713-20-2
  • 1-(5-isoquinolinesulfonyl)homopiperazine.2HCl CAS: 203911-27-7
  • Benzyl 2-isocyanoacetate CAS: 41995-26-0
  • Stigmatellin CAS:91682-96-1
  • Methyl 2,6-Diisocyanatocaproate CAS:4460-02-0


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